n=1 Supplements

Your journey to optimal health is best supported by a precise and personalized supplement regimen, unique to you and you alone. That’s the promise of n=1.
Because no two people are alike.

n=1 adj. (also N-of-1) In clinical trials, n=1 refers to a sample size of one. At Comite Center for Precision Medicine, we focus exclusively on optimal intervention for a single individual: You.

n=1 Promise


Scientifically proven ingredients


Clinically effective, personalized doses


Consistent quality


100% transparent formulas


100% No artificial sweeteners, dyes, or fillers formula.


Stacked to suit your individual needs and goals


n=1 Products

Our Comite team partners with each client to develop a personalized n=1 regimen, uniquely suited to support your individual goals, metabolism, genetics, lifestyle, and future health trajectory.

The comprehensive n=1 product line includes Prime blends and single ingredient supplements, including:

  • n=1 Prime Power
  • n=1 Prime Alpha
  • n=1 Prime Metabolism
  • n=1 Prime Detox
  • n=1 CoQ10
  • n=1 Tumeric
  • n=1 Melatonin
  • n=1 Magnesium
  • And more

*n=1 supplements are currently an exclusive offering for Comite clients.